How to:  French Press

How to: French Press

Time: 4 Minutes

The French Press is the classic brewing method. It's design has stayed pretty much the same for many years and it's hard to imagine anyone who enjoys coffee not having used it before. The French Press is perfect for brewing multiple cups of coffee due to its quick and reliable speed. French Press brews quite a heavy coffee so be careful to avoid over extraction.

What you need

  • 8 Cup French Press brewer

  • Grinder

  • 60g or about 8 tablespoons of American Bulldog Coffee

  • Hot Water about 205 degrees

  • Wooden spoon or paddle

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Mug



  1. Warm up your French Press with hot water so the coffee stays hot during the brewing process

  2. Boil water to 205 F

  3. Measure and grind around 50g of coffee. The French Press calls for a coarse grind

  4. Discard the hot water from your press and add the coffee grind. Fill up the press halfway with the hot water and make sure to saturate all the grinds

  5. Use the wooden spoon to break the top of the ground coffee to help saturate the grind

  6. After stirring an adequate amount, add more hot water until you fill the press

  7. Place the top on the press and let the coffee sit there brewing

  8. After a few minutes begin pushing the press down slowly but firmly until you get to the bottom

  9. Enjoy!

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