American Bulldog Kitchen bakes daily, using only the highest quality organic, local and seasonal ingredients, featuring sweet, savory, gluten free and vegan baked goods. Croissants are flown in from France frozen and we bake them off every day they are flakey and delicious.

Our milk is local from Orange County, NY in the Hudson Valley. Sourced from a small co-op of local farmers, our milk is always fresh, and has no pesticides, or hormones added





Soft Baked Chocolate Chip

Soft Baked Lemon 



     Our Scones like all of our in house baked goods are made with 100%organic ingredients, they are buttery and flakey we offer sweet and savory

Dark Chocolate Chip 

for the summer we offer

Blueberry with lemon glaze

Strawberry with lemon glaze 

Sweet summer corn, Fresh garden Basil and sharp cheddar

Fresh Kale, Sharp Cheddar, toasted sunflower seeds, currants

Vegan Scones 

Cranberry Orange, made with Quinoa Flour, Oat Flour, and Corn Flour

our menu changes with the season for the scones




Pain au Chocolate
















Our Vegan and Gluten Free Muffins are made with Organic Quinoa Flour for Gluten Free we do not use any gums or starches or white rice flour etc that typical gluten free recipes call for, there are no hidden sugars that will spike your blood sugar level and we use coconut sugar in most of the muffins, for our wheat based muffins we use local Lake Champlain Organic wheat flours our goal is to make tasty and healthy baked goods without all the fillers creating baked goods that make you feel good and that are yummy

                Quinoa Banana Walnut - Vegan and Gluten Free

           Quinoa Pumpkin dark chocolate chip - Vegan and Gluten Free


                            Olive Oli Lemon Zest - Wheat 

  Morning Glory - Whole Wheat and Oats packed with fruit, coconut and walnuts, this muffin is Vegan

                                Look for seasonal muffins