Time: 3 Minutes


What you need

  • Grinder
  • 20g coffee
  • Hot water at 205 F



  1. Place the Chemex filter on the brewer with the multiple folds up against the spout
  2. Rinse the the filter with hot water to preheat the brewer and get rid of any paper flavor
  3. Weigh and grind 45g of coffee. Make sure the grind is coarse like kosher salt
  4. Pour the ground coffee evenly onto the filter paper in the brewer
  5. Use the hot water to saturate all the grounds. Use a stir stick to insure that all the coffee is saturated and there are no clumps of dry coffee
  6. Wait about 30 seconds and then resaturate the grounds. Use around 105g of water and then wait for another 35 seconds
  7. After letting the coffee sit, add more water until it reaches the top of the flush
  8. Wait for about 3 and a half minutes and then your coffee should be done
  9. Remove the filter and enjoy your coffee